Catering Trends Revealed

Hosting a function can be a tremendous task, but there is nothing like peace of mind when you hire a trendy caterer who possesses those qualities of talent and flair; they understand the brief given to them by their client. And since we all hold different tastes, varying dietary needs or themes we want to create, a really good caterer will avidly study trends and experiment with their medium to create ever evolving flavours and taste experiences for unique tastes. 

The world of catering has evolved overtime – What ideas have the up to date foodies experimented with and what is being enjoyed by guests at functions everywhere? Over the next week Food matters will reveal some of the very latest in catering trends around the world in 2015! 


Making what you eat or drink an experience that stands out is what will make people remember you. Starters are being served in mini, bite sized portions to make it easy to eat without looking inelegant! Here are a few trending ways to splash out some starters: 

  • Soup in shot glasses, with a beautiful elegant sandwich on the top rim of the glass and a pink succulent plump prawn crowning the sandwich.
  • Savoury cupcakes are an innovative way to elevate tried and tested dishes into an experience. Mini meatloaf cupcakes topped with fluffy, white mashed potato.
  • Another trend is serving savoury with sweet such as macarons sandwiched together with pate or pestos.
  • Alongside these are mini cocktails, or signature drinks, being served in mini cocktail glasses or shot glasses.

Think elegant, easy, effortless to enjoy! It is also bang on trend to think way out of the box for serving vessels – mason jars, coffee cups or small vases.