CÎROC Pineapple Vodka Product Launch

Nothing utters summer quite like the smell of pineapple – it evokes a feel good state of holidays, islands, pristine beaches, clear waters, fun and happiness; an instant joie de vivre drawn from our memories of the good life!


CÎROC® Vodka has captured these happy feelings into their newest release CÎROC® Pineapple - their fifth flavour-infused variety. CÎROC®, made from French grapes, is distilled five times to ensure high quality, then infused with pineapple and other natural tropical flavours resulting in a taste experience that is simply delicious. The pineapple flavour presents itself in multiple ways to make all sorts of cocktails and drinks – you just have to let your imagination take wings!

Food Matters cares about showcasing the freshest, seasonal food into masterpieces of deliciousness to capture your emotions and imagination. 


On 17 October '15 Food Matters catered for 120 people at the beautiful Italian Fiamma Grill in Ballito, celebrating the launch of CÎROC® Pineapple Vodka. With pineapple being the inspiration for CÎROC® Pineapple Vodka and Food Matters Menu, expectations were everything seasonal and everything FRESH; which we did not disappoint since food is paramount to our chefs. 

It was a celebration of summer and freshness; of how good life can be - a celebration of seasonal produce for the recognition of CÎROC® Pineapple Vodka.

Watch this space for our CÎROC® Pineapple Vodka Launch Food Menu. 

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